Hello Topians,

What a year 2019 has been! We would like to take a quick moment to look back at some of the accomplishments we have all achieved and can be proud of!

• Nearly 3.5 Million wagers placed.
• Over 1.15 BILLION TRX won by players.
• Nearly 100 Million TRX Rewards paid in total.
• Over 5 Billion in total volume.
• Fully licensed sportsbook in collaboration with MonsterByte, offering LITERALLY the BEST ODDS in the DAPP space.
• Released quite possibly the most valuable and attractive asset ever seen with Diamond Vouchers.

This is just the short list of what we have accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. We all can be very proud of this, and I personally look forward to what we can accomplish in 2020. Let’s set the bar high. The foundation has been laid, we are positioned for incredible growth and success as we continue building.

It is an exciting time to be part of TOPIA Network.

With that, we want to introduce to you TOPIA Seasons. Seasons is the FIRST and only TRUE anti-dilution Rewards model currently available in the space.

We have been researching the space as a whole for many months now to identify the issues from which DApps tend to suffer. We have found a singular common flaw that seems to plague them all — Dilution.

We also wanted to identify what causes some DApps to succeed while others wither away into thin air. What strategies DApps utilize to survive through ups and downs in the market? What we found is one key trait that the successful DApp’s share — Adaptability.

Adaptability is what TOPIA has always been about, and it is why we are one of the longest standing DApps in the space.

The Details

Vouchers will now be the only token you will mine when you play our games. (Except for Sports wagers, they will mine a small amount of Vouchers and TOPIA)

Vouchers will now have three burn options:

  • Option 1: Burn your Vouchers in the “SEASONS” Panel for the Seasonal TRX Rewards Pool.
  • Option 2: Burn your Vouchers in the “SHARES” panel for 10 TSHARE per 1 Voucher burned.
  • Option 3: Burn your voucher in the “VAULT” panel to play our new Vault Mini-Game.

Vouchers are non-transferable.

To fund the Seasonal Rewards Pool, every game will receive an increase to it’s current rake percentage, this means more TRX will be rewarded back to the players from their wagers.

Every game will have a edge-relative based mint rate, for example:

  • Classic Dice: 5500 TRX mints 1 Voucher (+550 each season)
  • Ultimate Dice: 2500 TRX mints 1 Voucher (+250 each season)
  • Lucky1: 2000 TRX mints 1 Voucher (+200 each season)
  • Ultimate Dice Side bet: 1250 TRX mints 1 Voucher (+125 each season)

We will adjust accordingly to benefit TOPIA Holders.

A fourth tab will be added to the staking panel labeled “SEASONS

Seasons Rewards Pool will receive 70% of the total rake from all games.
When you burn a voucher from the Seasons panel, you are burning that voucher to be part of the Seasonal Rewards Pool. This burn will get you TRX rewards for the entire length of the season.

Seasons are currently 10 days in length, but we will monitor and adjust this length for subsequent seasons if need be.

30% of the Seasonal Rewards Pool is distributed, daily.
100% of the Seasonal Rewards Pool is distributed on the final day of the season (the 10th day).

Once the season concludes, all vouchers in your balance and all vouchers that you have burned for Seasonal Rewards will be converted 1:1 into TOPIA Tokens.

The Voucher Token will be reset at that time, completely resetting the dilution of the Seasonal Rewards Pool, and thus starting the next season.

House receives ZERO Vouchers, thus the house does NOT dilute the Seasonal Rewards Pool!


The TOPIA tokens you receive at the end of the Season can be staked like normal, for TRX Rewards, but we have made a change to the Staking Tiers system.

When you Stake your TOPIA you will be presented with Three Options:

Stake for Bronze
Stake for Silver
Stake for Gold

If you stake for Bronze you will receive 50% of your normal TRX Rewards and your TOPIA will be locked for 15 days. You will receive 15 days of distributions from the TOPIA rewards pool.

Once the 15 days has expired, your TOPIA will become instantly unstakeable and you may then withdraw your tokens.

To continue receiving Rewards you will need to re-stake them and choose one of the three afore-mentioned staking options.

Bronze = 15 Days locked, 50% Rewards
Silver = 30 Days locked, 75% Rewards
Gold = 60 Days locked, 100% Rewards

This will allow for improved market price of the token as tokens will be locked in for a period of time. There is a method to unlock your tokens early.

ForceUnstake — Choosing to unstake your TOPIA before the lock period has expired is an option, however, if you choose to do so, 10% of your unstake amount will be burned.

This burn will help fight TOPIA dilution as well as deter early unstaking.

TOPIA Shares will still receive 10% of the TOPIA Rewards Pool.

Diamond Rewards pool will now be slightly larger than the TOPIA Rewards Pool.

  • If you have 400 or more Diamonds Staked, you will receive 2x TOPIA at the conclusion of the season.

Referrals are temporarily disabled as we are considering changing these to reward TSHARES instead of TRX in the future. This allows us to dedicate more of the Rake percentage towards the rewards pools.


Vault is a new mini-game. It is very similar to a FOMO game, but it is designed to be a bit more… fair :)

The way it works:

5% of every game’s rake pool goes to the vault pool.

Vault will start with a 4 hour timer.

1 Voucher is the minimum Burn for Vault (per burn)
100 Vouchers is the maximum Burn for Vault (per burn)

Each voucher burned into vault will add a small amount of time to the vault timer.

1st 100 Vouchers burned will add 30 seconds each
2nd 100 Vouchers burned will add 29 seconds each
3rd 100 Vouchers burned will add 28 seconds each
4th 100 Vouchers burned will add 27 seconds each
30th 100 Vouchers burned will add 1 second each
Every burn thereafter will add 1 second each until the clock expires and the game ends.

Vault Reward Structure:

25% of the Vault rewards to the last burner.
15% of the Vault rewards to the 2nd to last burner.
10% of the Vault rewards to the 3rd to last burner.
25% of the Vault splits to all vouchers burned into the vault.
15% of the Vault carries over to the next vault game.
10% of the Vault rewards to the house.

In Conclusion

Short breakdown of the changes:
• Every game will see an increase in Rake to Reward pools.

- 70% Rakes to Vouchers
- 14%
Rakes to Diamonds
- 10%
Rakes to Topia
- 5%
Rakes to Vault
- 1%
Rakes to Shares

  • Games with a higher rake percentage are heavily incentivized for Voucher mining.

For example: Ultimate Dice Side bet is the best option for mining vouchers.

  • Vault mini-game - a fair FOMO game that will help drive consistent user traffic and volume.
  • 10 Day seasons - Seasonal Reward pool gets 100% reset every 10 days to completely offset dilution.
  • House does not receive ANY Vouchers or rewards from the Seasonal Pool.

If you have any questions, please feel free to join us in our Telegram: https://t.me/TopiaNetwork

// Playing is mining ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ // TOPIA NETWORK is the first truly provably fair and open source gaming DAPP based on #TRON #IOST

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