True fairness & Open source.

As the number of Tron (TRX) Accounts is reaching 2.5 Million, and weekly Transaction Volumes are Rising exponentially,

There’s never been a better time to BUIDL around the TRON network.

Introducing TRONTOPIA :

TRONTOPIA is a new highly anticipated Gaming / Mining DAPP on the TRON network and the first TRON DAPP to pioneer provably trustless gaming with an open source code.

The very ambitious project was started by a team of early TRON investors / supporters, aiming to bring true fairness into the TRON DAPPS ecosystem.

About 20 team members are working on the project together behind the scenes to make this vision of a truly provably fair gaming experience a reality: Developers, System engineers, Marketing specialists, moderators, community managers…

The key difference between TRONTOPIA and others gaming / mining DAPPS is the provably fair Random Number Generation on the TRON Blockchain.

TRONTOPIA’s RNG consists of 6 primary sources of entropy.

GasLeft() — Users remaining gas limit for the transaction

UserBalance() — User’s current balance

Blockhash — Previous block hash

ContractBalance() — Current contract balance

nonce++ — Transaction nonce

Player seed — user-generated seed

At the time of a user’s roll submission, the first 5 entropy seeds are pre-determined at that moment in time.

The user’s seed is added to this equation >> the seeds are hashed together >> a lucky number is produced.

Using this method, the house has no way of altering the player seed to match what is needed for a positive outcome for the house, and the player has no way to accurately determine the 5 “house” seeds and generate a custom user seed to guarantee a winning roll.

This makes TRONTOPIA the first provably fair gaming platform on the TRON blockchain that is truly immutable, and secure.

Our contracts were just audited by some of the best auditors in the space ( ) and we are ready to blast off.

Stay tuned,

TRONTOPIA community links :

Official website :

Telegram :

Twitter : @TRON_topia

Guildchat : TRONTOPIA

// Playing is mining ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ // TOPIA NETWORK is the first truly provably fair and open source gaming DAPP based on #TRON #IOST

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