Trontopia & Trontrade AMA

This is a Full Recap of the AMA hosted on the Trontrade Telegram group on Monday August 26 2019.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:01:28]:

Welcome to our AMA @TRONtopia_ADMIN . Thank you for taking the time to be here today. TronTrade listed all your tokens recently, so can you give us a short introduction about yourself and the team behind TRONTOPIA before we start. That would be cool.

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:07:01]:

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for all of the questions! Thank you TronTrade for listing our tokens. It really means a lot to me to work together with other dapps, and to get the community involved in this way.

I’ll start with me first and then give a bit of a rundown on our team :)

My name is Scott. I have been following cryptocurrencies and cryptography in general since early 2010. I have always been a cypherpunk :). I dove in head first into crypto in 2016, and have not looked back since. Prior to taking the plunge, for approximately a decade I was a Network Engineer specializing in Nortel and some Cisco technology. The skills from my previous profession have definitely carried over and been helpful on this side.

My team is quite large actually.. I will give an overall rundown.

We have 10 Community Managers / Chat Admins / Support staff

11 Development staff

4 Marketing and Management

The team is located quite literally all over the world. From Paris, to Greece, to North and South America. We even have an Aussie :)

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:08:17]:

Oh WoW. That sounds awesome and the team is big, indeed. Could you tell us a little more about TronTopia, what are you currently working on and how did you came up with the idea?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:10:23]:

The idea behind TronTopia was quite literally birthed, in the chatroom of another dapp. I got into some discussions with a few players (stalwarts in this community, really), one thing lead to another, and here we are! We are a very driven and motivated bunch, once the ball started rolling there was no stopping it =).

We are currently working heavily on our 3rd game Lucky One Max, our New UI, and our sister platform BlitzTopia which will be heavily focused on PvP style games.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:12:05 (26/08/2019, 18:12:16)]:

That is cool. So you were a player yourself in the beginning? With this said, Scott, the community wants to know: What does make Trontopia unique if you compare it to other dApp platforms? Anything special?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:14:12]:

I was, and still consider myself a “Player of Dapps”. I love dapps, and have a passion for them. I try to check them all out at least once.

We strive for true, open-source, and undeniable fairness. We have built our entire foundation upon these principles. Sadly, I do not see many dapps who follow in the footsteps we have laid out. There is no better way (in my opinion) to earn the trust of the community, than to release open source code… Too many other dapps are hesitant to. The whole purpose of building on a blockchain is to have everything visable on-chain from start to finish. The second we stray away from that, is the second we become just like any traditional gaming website.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:15:44]:

Which new games can we expect to be launched on Trontopia in the upcoming 6 months?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:18:27 (26/08/2019, 18:18:47)]:

LuckyOneMax is approaching completion, it will be online in the very short term.

Blitz is almost to full testing, this game will require a bit more indepth testing from our previous game releases, and we also will need help from the community to test this game on a larger scale, as it is a multiplayer PVP game.

Vault is a mini-game we will be releasing with the release of our NewUI. It is a fairer variation to your traditional FOMO game.

There are a few more, but I can’t share those with you all yet! Just rest assured, we have almost TOO many games in the pipeline! The rest of 2019 is going to be a very exciting time around these parts.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:20:31]:

Did you know that your token Diamond is the second highest token traded on TronTrade by volume?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:20:57]:

Really? 😃

Just kidding… yes I watch it like hawkeye, haha

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:21:52]:

Haha. It is pretty impressive. The listing is just a few days old. That brings me to the next questions. We have listed 3 tokens from you guys — What is the reason to create so many different tokens, instead of one?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:24:58]:

I heard ya’ll like tokens, man!

Haha, ok but seriously.

One of the inherent problems many of the current dapps have today, is they all follow the standard token sharing dividend model. The problem is, it’s not very sustainable. It only benefits well in the early stages, and generally only the people who get in early will truly be happy. The reason we implemented multiple tokens with different uses, is to incentivize other styles of players to our platform, and hopefully to TRON as a whole. We incentivize the off and on occassional rollers, we incentivize the miners, and we incentivize the gamblers.

Each token provides a specific cog to the economic wheel.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:26:41]:

I see, but is there still an incentive to mine Topia, when 50% of the dividends will be shared automatically to Diamond holders, which can’t be mined?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:30:17]:


I want to make sure a couple of key items regarding this are realized.

Our main game, and most of our future games, will have a higher house edge than the traditional 1.5% you see with most Dice games. Even with 1.5% of every wager being raked to the Diamond Holders, with proper volume it does not really take away much from the Topia Holders. As they still receive 98.5% of the losing wagers.

So if a big player comes, and loses 100,000 TRX in a wager, the Topia dividend pool will receive 98,500 of that.

We also have several plans lined up to benefit the Topia holders specifically over the next couple of months, that I think and hope will make them very happy.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:31:48]:

You seem to be good with numbers. I like that. Great explanation. What marketing plans do you have in order to increase the users/volume of Trontopia?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:34:19]:

We have a few very large updates on the cusp of releasing that we want to get online.

Most notably, the New UI and a couple of new games right around the corner.

Once these are released, we have a plan to execute on that involves multiple layers of marketing, using most of the common methods.

- CPM based Banners

- AdSense

- YouTube influencers

- Twitch influences

- Articles, interviews

We are aligning our biggest marketing push, with our biggest releases. We feel it will have the best impact if executed properly, this way.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:35:17 (26/08/2019, 18:35:30)]:

Seems like you guys are thinking ahead. What is an achievement of Trontopia, that you guys are very proud of?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:37:01 (26/08/2019, 18:37:27)]:

There are a few highlights for me!

Listing on TronTrade and showing strong volume

Passing 2,000,000 Bets made

Passing 1,000,000,000 TRX won (1 BILLION!)

Selling out Diamonds in 10 days

Collaborating with MonsterByte

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:38:36]:

In the roadmap it says, in Q4 the sister platform TRONdex will be launched. Can you tell us a little more about the progress and this upcoming product? Will you remove your tokens from any other dex at this point?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:41:01]:

Yes, this has been rebranded to TopiaDEX, and we have an updated Roadmap that will be viewable on our New UI when that releases.

This will be mostly a traditional DEX, with a few additional features.

1. TRX spent in trading fees will mint TOPIA.

2. Trading fees earned in TRX will fund the Topia dividend pools.

Development for the DEX is ahead of schedule. I don’t see it launching too deep into Q4.

And we won’t remove our tokens from any other DEX or platform at this point. The more the merrier. The key point for us, was to not list with any DEX until the platform reaches a certain point of sustainability and legs, which we have now.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:41:35]:

Great. Right now another question got into my inbox. A bit late but I think this could be interesting for many of us, so I will put it here: What is planned when all tokens are minted?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:44:01]:

I love this question!

The most important thing in my eyes. Is to get the platform developed and marketed to a point where a large amount of our daily players, are just that… Players, or gamblers.

No dapp like ours, would sustain long term, if we ONLY market to miners, and dapp “hodlers” in general.

We have no plan to create a new token at that point. The “mining” phase for TOPIA would be complete, and we would ideally be more mainstream by that point. This is that goldilocks glory moment we all are anxiously waiting to arrive at.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:44:50]:

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Do you have any airdrop planned for token holders from Diamond, Shares or Topia?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:46:57]:

We don’t have a traditional airdrop event in the works currently… that being said, we do have a couple of competitions happening right now:

TronTrade Trading Events, and our 2,000,000 TRX Tronlink Topia minting competition.

We are pretty much always hosting something, whether it is in our Telegram group (, or on our Twitter ( If you follow both, you will surely be involved in some form of an event in no-time.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:47:52]:

Ok. Thanks. Is there anything else you want to share with the TronTrade community that we haven’t discussed?

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:49:20]:

Well, we have touched on a lot of the topics that I feel are the most forefront right now…

I will say this though!

We invite all DAPP users to ask for the source code before playing and participating in a project. We all can bring more transparency to this space by working together and setting a new standard that currently does not exist, and it would benefit the entire space, and maybe all of crypto as a whole.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:50:27]:

Thank you very much for your time and answers. This was a great AMA. I will re-open the channel now and if you like to stay a bit around and answer some more questions if there are any feel free to stay. Thanks again. 🙏

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:50:41]:

Great! Thank you!

I will be here :)

// Playing is mining ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ // TOPIA NETWORK is the first truly provably fair and open source gaming DAPP based on #TRON #IOST

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