Trontopia Season 2 : A diamond era

It is said that good things comes to those who wait.

This popular saying is one of our favorite, and what Trontopia has achieved in the space of a few months is truly astonishing.

It has never been a better time to get involved and participate in the decentralized P2P economy, as the blockchain technology is slowly maturing and unveiling new opportunities.

Trontopia is a leading decentralized application (DAPP) running on the TRON Blockchain, Ranked #2 TRON DAPP on DappReview and DappRadar ( 7 day / 30 day volume )

Notable achievements these past few months :

  • 1 Billion TRX Won on Trontopia since the platform launch ( yes one billion ! )
  • 100 million+ TRX Wagered on the site in a single day ( Trontopia X Tronlink mining contest )
  • Triple listing on ( TOPIA / DIAMONDS / SHARES )

3900+ Telegram members :

3600+ Twitter followers :

Being around and active since the start of Tron dapps, allowed us to build a strong group of regular users, investors, developers, community managers, promoters, marketing specialists…

These past few months were the early days, and now is the time to “step our game up”, and move forward to Season 2.

Here are the new features scheduled to be released in September-October :

Season 2 starts with a fresh new look.

Our designers worked to produce a more professional and streamlined interface, bringing added sharpness and a much improved user experience for players.

All Games are redesigned while keeping the essence of the previous designs.

Better menus, reliability and improved display.

Lucky 1 Max is back with the new UI and better than ever !

Roll & Win

Every time players hit “Roll” A true Random number between 0 and 9999999 is generated.

Try to catch as much ones (1s) as possible, the more ones you get in a roll, the higher the payout !

Improvements :

  • Reworked payouts
  • 7 digit reel
  • Win up to 500X
  • New sounds and fresh look.

The big announcement that we made at the end of our 2 million TRX mining event.

A brand new Sportsbook hits the TRON Network, and it is built in close collaboration with one of the industry leaders in the space, MonsterByte!

Another great feature for all the sports fans out there, Sports betting using TRX.

🏈Over 20 Sports/Leagues

🎮 eSports


New surprise game addition ! Our twist on this timeless game ( more details to be announced)

All bets are mining TOPIA and vouchers.

New use case for vouchers : Introducing VAULT, our new time based mini game.

Players burn vouchers, trying to be the “last one standing” and get access to what is inside the vault.

As time passes more vouchers are needed to stoke the flame and once the timer hits zero, the vault unlocks and the winners get their prizes.

Prizes are shared amongst 13 winners from each vault.

VAULT could contain TRX, TOPIA, SHARES, DIAMONDS, BTT, USDT or any other TRC tokens.

Expect some cool week-end events where some special prizes are put inside the vault :)

We could also expect partnerships with other projects where they are funding the vault with their own tokens in return for some increased community exposure and promotion.

Blitz is our new PVP ( Player vs player ) Section on Trontopia :

  • Pure focus on GLOBAL PVP style games.
  • Think “CS:GO” style of games… except, on TRON :)
  • 50% of all proceeds earned on BLITZ, goes to the TOPIA dividend pool.
  • 50% goes to the diamond holders
  • BLITZ players are minting TOPIA and vouchers.

Our new advanced Decentralized exchange will feature some of the best Tron tokens.

Buy / Sell & Trade tokens, mine TOPIA with each trades and stake them to earn dividends !

The only Dex that rewards you for trading and providing volume.

— — — — — — — — — —

Movement and improvement, will allow us to keep progressing and grow.

Thank you Topians, and welcome to Season 2 !

// Playing is mining ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ // TOPIA NETWORK is the first truly provably fair and open source gaming DAPP based on #TRON #IOST

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