BetGalaxy Launch Date Announcement!

The time to shine is arriving!

Greetings Topians!

As you know, the past several months have been hard, long, and grueling for all of us. We have put forth extreme efforts working on our dreams together. We now get to turn those dreams into a reality. Now we all get to rejoice, because today we are able to announce the LAUNCH date for BetGalaxy!


May 21, 2021 @ 00:00AM EST (The night of the 20th, morning of the 21st).


We chose May 21 for a few reasons. Primarily due to it being the start of a weekend, which is generally good for having an active user base during the launch. Also due to the amount of press and marketing we will be doing leading up to the launch — It will take a little time to roll out entirely.



We will be launching with several promotions:

  • First 2,000 users who sign-up will receive $5 in Ethereum for free.
  • All Cashback rewards will be 1.5x for the first 72 hours.
  • 14 Day Top Wagered competition that rewards the Top 25 bettors.
  • The first 5 users to reach VIP Tier 9 (Cosmic 9) will receive an additional $5,000 bonus.
  • The first 5 users to reach 100 qualifying referrals will receive an additional $5,000 bonus. (Qualifying referral = A referral who establishes their account using your referral link, as well as deposits, and meets the minimum wager requirements. They must be real referrals.)

Marketing & Press

Starting this upcoming week we will be rolling out our marketing and press campaign. This will let the entire crypto world know that a new top tier casino is about to launch. All press releases and marketing material will also be released on our Telegram (


The development is complete (outside of some normal house cleaning and tidying up that we are constantly doing). We are shifting our focus to marketing and making the world know that BetGalaxy will be live soon, and it is going to change the game — quite literally.


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