BetGalaxy Development Update

Current Development Status up to February 1, 2021.

Greetings to all Devoted and Patient Topians!

We are nearing the final stages of Development and Integration for BetGalaxy, and it is time we provide you with some updates! I understand things have been quiet, this is in part due to the extreme importance of a successful launch, and with that we must make sure to not “over-hype” and “over-excite” too soon. This will cause unnecessary pressure and in turn rushed integrations which can lead to mistakes or an unsatisfactory user experience. With that said, right now we have our heads down and are working hard to deliver literally the greatest casino available in the space. As we approach the true finish line, you will notice a lot more activity from myself and our team in general to begin the process of marketing the launch date, which is when ALL of the fun will begin. You all have been INCREDIBLY patient with us during this process, and for that I am very grateful and cannot thank you enough. We are doing something incredible here, and it wouldn’t be possible without every single one of you.

The Goods (What you came here to see/read!)

I am going to breakdown this update into sections:

  • User Account Features (Login, Balances, Deposit Options, Cashback, Referral, and Reward, Dividends, GalaxyBoost).
  • Games (Dice, Crash, Wheel, Slots and Table/Live Games)

User Account Features

The majority of the account features have the backend portion of the code completed, and the front end design completed. We are still integrating some of the features into the user interface itself. This process requires testing through each step to insure no issues arise with the integration.

Login Landing Page:

The landing page is mostly complete. There will be some small adjustments made as we finish integration. The landing page will serve as quick-look access to view pertinent information to you.

Account Balances Page:

The account balances page has a lot of features that are not integrated at all right now. The reason for this, is this page ties into almost every other aspect of the platform, and it will be completed near the very end of integration when everything it needs to function properly is accessible.

Deposit Options:

These are our current integrated coins into the backend system. Tokens are integrated as well, the UI selection for these will be made via a drop down menu once inside the parent currency.

Cashback, Referral, and Rewards Page:

Similar to the balances page, this page requires nearly all other aspects of the platform to be 100% complete before it can be fully integrated. It too will be completed near the very end of integration.

Dividends Tracking Page:

The raking system is complete. There is not much to do here for integration. This is a visual-only panel.

GalaxyBoost Tracking Page(s):

GalaxyBoost is an amazing feature which is a gateway to nearly limitless earnings potential! With GalaxyBoost, you gain access to earn revenue from the platform based on the platform’s total wagered statistics. Your personal wagered amount has no correlation on the amount you receive from GalaxyBoost payouts!

Achieve higher VIP Tiers to gain access to larger GalaxyBoost Pools! The Top Boost Pools will ACCUMULATE until a user reaches the required VIP Tier(s)! This will create a very juicy reward for those who reach Top tier first! Followed by ongoing juicy rewards in the form of 4% of the total house edge across the entire Casino!

This feature was added late in the development process. It’s integration is very early, but we will complete it before the rest of the integrations are completed.


The games are the core of any casino, and they must be absolutely impeccable for us to compete with the competition. Lucky for us, I believe our in-house games are some of the highest quality you will find in the space!

We have also enabled the ability to play ANY of our games in multiple browser windows simultaneously! Expand your betting strategies to nearly limitless possibilities with this feature!


Dice is… simply put… incredible! There is not much more to say! It is essentially 100%, there are a few minor bugs we have found and have fixed/are in the process of fixing. We also will be adding multiple speed options and a couple of animations. Otherwise, 100% working game.


Crash has gone through a bit of a transformation through the beta phase. We have added many aspects to the visual UI, and also are making some tweaks to the game’s rules and how the game plays itself. It is a 100% working game currently, but we are still adding to it, and tweaking it. I am very proud with the quality of this game! A lot of time and thought has gone into it.


Wheel is not a currently working playable game. The integration has not fully begun for this game, as we are still focusing on perfecting Dice and Crash. Should not be long and this game will be playable in Beta. For now: Just the wheel animation plays with the RNG. No betting is enabled as of yet.


In the best interest of launching in a relatively reasonable amount of time. We have put HiLo on the “post launch” backburner. The game’s backend portions are mostly in place, but the front end is not. We will add this game very soon after launch.


Slots are very far along. The integration with the provider is essentially complete, but there are still some front end aspects we are working on. Specifically the filtering options.


As I believe most everyone already knows. Sports will begin being added in month 2 post launch.

BETA Update

We currently have 18 users in beta test. We will be adding more users once Dice’s small bugs are fixed, Crashes features are complete, and Slots filtering is complete. I understand many are anxious to get access, and everyone will get access, but we also want to make sure that even the open Beta feels like a finished product.

Development & Integration Timeline Explanation:

I’ve heard and had many talks with some users who have expressed some concerns with the length of time this all seems to be taking, and rightfully so! An explanation is needed here.

There are several reasons for why we have gone past what we originally estimated for development time. The core of which are:

  • We did not want to launch a casino that did not have the QUALITY slot and table/live game providers that everyone knows and loves. We felt it could really stifle our performance post launch. Therefore, we did a late-in-the-process private fund raise. Which allowed us to raise more funds and secure a fantastic slot aggregator supplier which gives us access to all of the providers we felt were important to the success of the casino. This was great, but we got this very late into the process which pushed everything back quite a bit. We did not HAVE to delay launch, but I personally made the call to do whatever is necessary to make sure we have the right products in place to compete with the best in the industry.
  • Monolithic vs Microservices development strategy. Please read this article outlining the differences between the two:
  • We did not use a monolithic development strategy with this casino. We want a product that can adapt and be built on-top of. This is extremely important when it comes to future developments and the ease of integrating them into our Casino. This extra time today will save us insurmountable amounts of time later.

With all of that said. I understand that we must be eager and urgent, while maintaining proper attention to detail. We are working as fast as possible to get launched while not sacrificing quality or risking mistakes.

Thank you all for your time, patience, and support. I am forever grateful, and I will not stop until we have delivered a product that you ALL are going to be extremely proud of.


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