Current Development Status up to April 2nd, 2021.

Greetings Topians!

I come with an update! This update consists of MANY loose ends and quality assurance work.

Fairness & Verification

We have added the fairness page and verification system for every wager placed. This will eliminate any concerns over fairness, which goes a long way when onboarding new users to a brand new casino!

Current Development Status up to March 17, 2021.

Greetings Topians!

I come with a mid-month development update for you all. We are at the precipice of greatness!

Authorized User Login Page

Last update we spent time re-organizing our Home page. Now, we have updated the login page users will land on post-login. We have re-designed this page to be the central point for site navigation. From this page, users will easily be able to navigate to the games or sections they are wanting to go to. With this re-work, the Dividends and GalaxyBoost sections will be moved to the Account -> Rewards page. …

Current Development Status up to March 3rd, 2021.

Greetings Topians!

I am pleased to bring you another update!

Wheel Improvements Completed

ALL of the Wheel Improvements discussed in the mid-month update from February have been completed! Wheel is now a 100% working game, and we are only simply weeding out any final tiny bugs that are found, which have been few and far between. The development team is armed with the last remaining/found bugs (which are just small visual errors in most cases), and will be working to extinguish them quickly.


We are still waiting for approval from PragmaticPlay, the integration for it is complete…

Current Development Status up to February 17, 2021.

Wheel Improvements

Wheel is now a 100% playable game! We are now implementing improvements and tweaks.

Wheel is one of our more fascinating games, both graphically and technically. We are working on several improvements to this game which will allow it to become the most popular Wheel game in the space.

The biggest improvement of which is, the ability to place multiple wagers on each color, along with specific bet amounts for each color:

There are some other visual bugs/improvements that also are being corrected, and might already be corrected before you have read…

Current Development Status up to February 1, 2021.

Greetings to all Devoted and Patient Topians!

We are nearing the final stages of Development and Integration for BetGalaxy, and it is time we provide you with some updates! I understand things have been quiet, this is in part due to the extreme importance of a successful launch, and with that we must make sure to not “over-hype” and “over-excite” too soon. This will cause unnecessary pressure and in turn rushed integrations which can lead to mistakes or an unsatisfactory user experience. With that said, right now we have our heads down and are working hard to deliver literally…

Hello Topians,

What a year 2019 has been! We would like to take a quick moment to look back at some of the accomplishments we have all achieved and can be proud of!

• Nearly 3.5 Million wagers placed.
• Over 1.15 BILLION TRX won by players.
• Nearly 100 Million TRX Rewards paid in total.
• Over 5 Billion in total volume.
• Fully licensed sportsbook in collaboration with MonsterByte, offering LITERALLY the BEST ODDS in the DAPP space.
• Released quite possibly the most valuable and attractive asset ever seen with Diamond Vouchers.

This is just the short list of…

This article will discuss the upcoming restructuring of the TRONTOPIA and IOSTPLAY platforms, to align the two ecosystems, as well as answer other general questions some may have.

What will happen to my iPlay Tokens?

As many know, TOPIA operates on a multiple token ecosystem that has worked quite well for us. We will utilize a similar ecosystem on the iPlay platform. With this, we will implement a new token very similar to TOPIA Diamonds. Current iPlay holders will be swapped over to this new token. Your current iPlay holds stronger value now because of this. …

Volume based stability & opportunity.

Trontopia is a decentralized gaming platform running on the TRON Blockchain.

Play to win 🎮

Earn daily Rewards by staking TOPIA 💰

Exit dividends, enter staking.

Trontopia is releasing a new Full raked reward system for all token holders.


All the Trontopia daily rewards are now volume based, the more volume, the higher the staking rewards.

The platform is working towards rewarding users with a true digital passive income.

This will finally fix the previous negative topia pool issues once and for all.

The only way is up 

The Topia staking pool can only go…

It is said that good things comes to those who wait.

This popular saying is one of our favorite, and what Trontopia has achieved in the space of a few months is truly astonishing.

It has never been a better time to get involved and participate in the decentralized P2P economy, as the blockchain technology is slowly maturing and unveiling new opportunities.

Trontopia is a leading decentralized application (DAPP) running on the TRON Blockchain, Ranked #2 TRON DAPP on DappReview and DappRadar ( 7 day / 30 day volume )

This is a Full Recap of the AMA hosted on the Trontrade Telegram group on Monday August 26 2019.

Steven | BitGuild, [26 Aug 2019, 18:01:28]:

Welcome to our AMA @TRONtopia_ADMIN . Thank you for taking the time to be here today. TronTrade listed all your tokens recently, so can you give us a short introduction about yourself and the team behind TRONTOPIA before we start. That would be cool.

💎 TRONTOPIA 💎 ADMIN 💎, [26 Aug 2019, 18:07:01]:

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for all of the questions! Thank you TronTrade for listing our tokens. It really means a lot…


// Playing is mining ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ // TOPIA NETWORK is the first truly provably fair and open source gaming DAPP based on #TRON #IOST

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